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Scott Ball - California Traffic Ticket Defense100% of my practice is devoted to defending traffic tickets in California.

Because of this exclusivity, I am able to offer competitive rates for unparalleled personal service, experience, and results. I am in all OC courts on a regular basis.

I know the best (and worst) judges and how to get your case in the right place to get the best possible resolution based on your specific wants and needs.

I place client satisfaction at an absolute premium. I will always return your calls, and I put your best interest above “making the sale.” I spend hours every week simply giving out free advice – because sometimes, you are better off fighting something on your own instead of hiring a lawyer. I recognize that and won’t try to convince you to pay for services you don’t need.

My business plan is simple and transparent; I provide honest, helpful feedback, even if you won’t hire me today, because I hope you call me back when you really need me. I love my job because I enjoy helping people. I hope I have the privilege of helping you.

Please feel free to visit my Yelp page and read real client reviews about why I am the number one (#1-rated) traffic attorney in California!

It is very important to take care of your traffic tickets. When you sign on the X after being pulled over you are agreeing to pay the fine or appear in court. While you may expect something in the mail, such a reminder is merely a courtesy. If you fail to respond by the due date, you will be hit with a $325 civil assessment and your license can be suspended, even if you never received anything.


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