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VC 21654 – Driving too Slowly in the Left Lane

VC 21654 – Driving too slowly in the left lane.

VC 21654 – Driving too slowly in the left lane. This section of the Vehicle Code makes it illegal to drive in any lane except for the far right lane if you are traveling at “less than the normal speed of traffic.” If you are driving in the left lane you must drive with the speed of traffic – sometimes even if the speed of traffic is above the posted limit. However, there are several defenses to violations of this infraction which are particularly effective, such as showing that you were about to make a left turn or you were in the process of passing another vehicle. With a skilled attorney on your side, tickets for this sort of infraction can often be dismissed.

the “Fast the fast or passing lane. This happens on Orange County freeways but even more frequently when new or slower drivers become overwhelmed on a road trip to Las Vegas or the Colorado River where 70 MPH posted speeds mean drivers in the ‘fast lane’ are merrily averaging 80 MPH on cruise control.

VC 22400 (a) Impeding Traffic

If you are that slow driver and were cited for Impeding Traffic VC 22400 while in the LEFT LANE (number 1 lane / fast lane / passing lane), please consider how many drivers might curse at you on any given day? Do you routinely crawl along in the fast lane way below the posted speed limit? Or are you an good person, but uninformed driver who might think to yourself that you “are the good driver’ because you are driving only a ‘little bit’ below the posted limit — OR — even at the posted speed? Please reconsider your thinking as even the traffic law is against that mindset. If you are blocking fellow drivers in the passing lane, you are breaking the law. You are impeding traffic and you may be cited.

Driving slowly in the Left Lane creates a dangerous driving environment, no matter that you might think that other drivers are law breakers and you are not… Driving slowly in the number 1 lane / fast lane / passing lane causes countless other drivers to adjust to you. Drivers in route to Las Vegas or heading out-of-town, once traffic allows often take advantage of using their cruise control. Coming up on a lethargic driver causes them many adjustments. They must brake or switch off cruise control, actively change lanes into slowly moving, lumbering semi-truck traffic to go around a slower driver. Then, after passing (in a slower lane) they must take their eyes off the road to re-engage their cruise control settings. Many good, respectable drivers become needlessly frustrated. Far too many accidents are caused by slow drivers hanging out in a passing lane, which in turn, encourages Highway Patrol officers to write Impeding Traffic tickets.

Example of impeding traffic