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Client Reviews

So happy that Scott was able to get my right on red case dismissed. It was a 600 dollar ticket and I only paid I believe 250. Traffic school and insurance going up would have cost a fortune so I am very happy that he was able to take care of everythi… Read more

Sommer G

The best law office!! Scott is a professional gets his job done fast and with the highest quality possible!! My traffic ticket was dismissed and Scott saved me from getting a point on my record. I would without any doubt recommend his office to every… Read more

Jagdeep G

I got lucky and stumbled onto Scott. Professional, impeccable communication, better than extremely reasonable fees, and the result was great. There is a reason he is 5 stars and 280 reviews. You are foolish to look anywhere else.

John R

I highly recommend Scott Ball. He has helped my family when We have had a traffic ticket. He is up front, and will let you know if he can help you, plus he is easy to work with. He returns phone calls and emails. Scott won a case for my son and clear… Read more

Leah R

Scott was easy to communicate with. He responded to emails quickly and saved me the hassle of going to court myself. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get my ticket dismissed. However, he did help get the ticket reduced and saved me from getting a poi… Read more

Chia H

Best lawyer in Orange County hands down. In the beginning I thought it’s too good to be trueWith all the 5 stars rating, but when i got my speeding ticket dismissed i knew he’s the best in town , believe me guys you won’t regret it. … Read more

Ahmad S

Scott Ball and is team are by far the best traffic attorny’s office at socal. I had an unlincesed missderminor and a cellphone ticket , Scott and his team had reduced the missderminor to an infraction,and the cell phone ticket was dropped. Big up guy’… Read more

Ron M

WOW, the results I got on a speeding, supposed street racing and run red light ticket is unbelievable. I was ready for the worst. But Scott, was able to work a miracle. Cases dismissed, no fines and zero effect on my driving record. Have not words to… Read more

Ivan C

Got my red light traffic ticket cleared by this lawyer. While not present when me and my dad came to pay in person, the assistant was able to help us. Left with no mark on my record too.

Noah F

He’s honest, clear and helpful. Excellent advise and great customer service. I contacted him about a ticket that I got, he called me the next day and told me why my case was not strong, explained to me that I wasn’t going to get points on my license … Read more

Sam D.

I called Scott looking to find a ‘magic bullet’ to beat my ticket. He explained common defenses and answered all my questions. He looked at the evidence (it was clearly me driving) and ultimately recommended I probably didn’t have much of a cas… Read more

Camille L

I hired Scott Ball to handle my red light camera ticket and it was the best decision I could have made. He answered all my questions, kept me informed throughout the process, and best of all, saved me hundreds of dollars when the case was thrown out!… Read more

Natasha J

Orange County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Scott Ball Featured Expert On "So What's Your Problem" Radio Show

Scott Ball Was The Featured Expert on Los Angeles Radio Station KABC: “So What’s Your Problem”

Listen to the whole show here to learn more about fighting traffic tickets and what Scott can do to help reduce your ticket or even get rid of it completely.

Looking for Orange County CA Traffic Ticket Attorney?

You’ve come to the right place! 100% of my practice is devoted to defending traffic ticket defendants in Orange County, California. More importantly, 100% of my business plan is about providing the best Customer Service and experience I can humanly deliver.

VOTED: “Favorite OC Law Firm” – Locale Lifestyle Magazine, LLC®

YELP Rated #1 Traffic Ticket Attorney in California

YELP Rated #1 Traffic Ticket Attorney in California

Please feel free to visit my Yelp page and read real client reviews about why I am the number one (#1-rated) traffic ticket defense attorney in California!

100% Focus on Defending Traffic Ticket Violations

Orange County Traffic Ticket Attorney Scott Ball
100% Dedicated to defending Traffic Tickets!

Because my legal practice focuses 100% on defending traffic ticket citations, I am able to offer competitive rates for unparalleled personal service, experience, and results. I am in all Orange County courts on a regular basis.

I know the best (and worst) judges and how to get your case in the right place to get the best possible resolution based on your specific wants and needs.

Client Satisfaction my Number One Concern

I place client satisfaction at an absolute premium. I will always return your calls, and I put your best interest above “making the sale.” I spend hours every week simply giving out free advice – because sometimes, you are better off fighting a traffic violation on your own instead of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. I recognize that and won’t try to convince you to pay for legal services you don’t need.

My business plan is simple and transparent; I provide honest, helpful feedback, even if you won’t hire me today, because I hope you call me back when you really need me. I love my job because I enjoy helping people. I hope I have the privilege of helping you with your traffic citation, or other matter threatening your driving privledge here is Orange County and beyond.

Don’t Procrastinate | Don’t Forget you Court Date!

It is very important to take care of your traffic tickets. When you sign on the “X” after being pulled over by law enforcement, you are agreeing to pay the fine or appear in court.


While you may expect something in the mail, such a reminder is merely a courtesy. It is on you to make a note of the date on ticket and make certain you do not procrastinate or forget the matter.

The Court will NOT forget! If you fail to respond by the due date, you will be hit with a $325.00 civil assessment and your license can be suspended, even if you never received a courtesy notification by mail.

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