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Could 1,000 traffic tickets be tossed out because of red light camera error?

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July 15, 2016


Scott Ball was recently quoted in an article on

During a recent 10-month period, the traffic light at Katella Avenue and Bloomfield Street in Los Alamitos switched from yellow to red faster than state law allows, likely causing hundreds of camera-generated tickets – at about $500 apiece – to be issued incorrectly.

Basically, what I pointed out is that for westbound traffic only, it’s a higher average speed and based on that higher speed, the yellow light should be about three-tenths of a second longer. There have been studies that say if you lengthen that yellow light by half a second the number of tickets given out drops by 75 percent.

Los Alamitos and Garden Grove are the only cities left in Orange County still using cameras to track drivers as they go through intersections, down from at least nine such cities a few years ago. It’s unclear how, or if, the problem with the light in Los Alamitos might affect the future of camera-issued tickets in the county.

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